Hi, I'm Charlie! I'm a designer for themed entertainment, based in the Northeastern US. I look to bring together the fascinating, immersive narratives of theatrical storytelling with my love for the energy and excitement of location-based experiences. 
Ever since my frequent childhood trips to theme parks, I've known that I wanted to be involved in creating the fascinating attractions that left a  lasting impression on me. As I grew through school, I enjoyed participating in community theater and working at my local amusement park in ride operations, while sketching my imagined theme park experiences in my free time. After spending my first year of college in RPI's architecture program, I pivoted to broader academic opportunities at Wesleyan University. My flexible theater major was essential in allowing me to take the lead in scenic and props design for major campus productions, and I explored theory, writing, and several other aspects of the art in my courses. My minor studies in digital design and architecture led to several projects that taught me new processes and fabrication tools, opening up my creative skillset. In the meantime, I maintained my journey through park operations, taking on leadership and management roles in rides.
I am currently a member of the creative team at Adirondack Studios, where I am able to apply my design abilities and industry knowledge to thrilling themed entertainment projects. Feel free to reach out, as I am always happy to connect with more members of this wonderful industry!

The amazing skyline of Cedar Point, where I worked as an In-Charge in Ride Operations!

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