The central and final project for this design course tasked students to create an object that could hold fire, a room to contain it, and a skin to complicate the exterior. All designs would be modeled and rendered with Rhino 3D.
The concept of gathering around a fire became central to my final iteration; the space could be public and inviting with its open entryways and an interior partially visible through the skin, yet private and ideal for intimate conversation with its restrained dimensions and circular design.
The central fire-holding object is composed of several merging metal tiers above a firepit, with a glossy table-top surface at the highest level. The space's heavy base anchors the piece to the ground, and incorporates seating into its radial composition. The cage-like screen, with some gaps left open between modular metal panels, becomes barer as it rises, just as the fire's smoke dissipates into the sky.
A bird's-eye view of the room at night, when the fire casts light outward in radial geometries
A daytime view of the room, where different tones of dark metal can be seen casting harsh shadows
A close-up of the object that holds the fire, with a central pit and rising tiers which each feature a small, curved slot for burning embers
A section view of the room and fire object
An exploded view of the room and all its components

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