Instructed by professor Matthew Lopez at RPI, I learned the basics of 2D and 3D visualization, architectural theory, and the creative process. Given a painting as my source material, I would develop cubic models inspired by the forms I saw, before delving into the design of a house for the painting's artist and a scientist. Assigned De Somnis VII from Pablo Palazuelo, I created an abstract hillside home for him and Marie Curie. 

De Somnis VII by Pablo Palazuelo

Final of 50 iterations of painting-inspired geometry, 1' cubic model, matte board 

Alternate view of the 1' cubic model

The final house model on a geometric landscape, 2' x 2' x 1', painted matte board

Alternate view of the final house model

For one of my supporting courses in the architecture program, I was asked to assemble a 25-page book outlining my creative process, which can be seen in layout form below. The book includes drawings, renderings, and descriptions of the house and the design behind it.

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