In an age when fearless sailors braved the brutal seas, Captain Allison and her crew rode the waves in hopes of finding a coastline they could call their own. When all seemed lost, a ridge of rocky cliffs and sandy dunes appeared on the horizon; the crew finally dropped their anchor, and a town of fishermen, tradesmen, and talented artists began to grow. Word spread about the perfect community, and people from far and wide sailed across the ocean to become a part of it. Captain Allison built a towering lighthouse along the water to beckon those looking for sanctuary, and thus, Lighthouse Landing was born. 
Inspired by the histories and aesthetics of the beautiful seaside towns of New England, Lighthouse Landing places guests on a picturesque coastline, free to explore the traditions and secrets that it holds. Whether joining the Ocean Patrol to save citizens from fearsome storms, exploring an ancient pirate wreck in a shadowy bay, or rediscovering the lost stories of legendary seafarers, guests will feel like a part of the community. 
After conceptualizing this theme park land years ago, I've returned again and again to develop various attractions and details. Watch this page, as more concept art will be appearing!
An anchor attraction in Lighthouse Landing, Storm Warning challenges guests to brave the dangerous waters and be local heroes. The Lighthouse Landing Ocean Patrol is holding a recruitment event at their headquarters, and with a violent windstorm rolling in, stranded sailors need rescuing! Board a patrol boat and set off into the shoreline caves, navigating treacherous obstacles on the way to a mariner's distress call. Will you make it back to the bunker before the storm doors close, or will you be swept out into the fury of the storm?

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