High up in the jagged peaks of the Ember Mountains, a vicious dragon lurks: the legendary Vyron. This fearsome, flying beast is a constant and terrifying threat to the village, frequently waking from its slumber and decimating anyone and anything in its path. None who have journeyed to challenge it alone have ever returned, yet together, you and a band of brave souls may be able to defeat it once and for all. The Ministry of Defense is recruiting for a momentous quest into the depths of the mountain caves to discover the truth about the Vyron; will you end its horrifying reign over the realm, or will you be swept up in its power and taken for a ride you will never forget?
This high speed wing coaster is not for the faint of heart; it swoops, dives, and twists as it ravages the kingdom, complete with a 150' drop, 4 inversions, and a terrifying surprise climax!

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Vyron is not only a high-intensity, inverting roller coaster ride that will satisfy the most extreme thrill seekers; it is also a narrative journey with an intricate story told through its elaborate queuing and ride experiences. Drawn to the twisted track and looming mountainscape that are visible from afar, guests will head towards the attraction expecting well-themed thrills; as soon as they enter the Ministry of Defense, they will realize that their involvement is much deeper. They will be immersed in the eternal conflict between a community and the ecosystem around it; as their march into the mountains progresses, they will come upon the terrifying secret at the core, culminating in an unforgettable and terrifying flight.
Before even entering, guests will navigate the dragon-torn streets of the realm, with the threatening beasts swooping and soaring above. Presented with the view of the Vyron as a threat to the community, many will gladly enlist with the Ministry of Defense; the queue takes them first into its headquarters, where they will learn about the legend of the Vyron, the village’s past efforts to confront it, and their determination to end its domination. From here, guests venture out into the forest, where the beast’s presence is even more dramatic, and the excitement of the ride even closer. Reaching the foothill caves at the base of the Ember Mountains, they are plunged into darkness and unknown fate like so many before them; when the dragon’s truth is revealed, the guests see the story through the Vyron’s eyes. Inevitably, the beast’s power will be demonstrated to them, by means of heart-stopping maneuvers through the sky.
Finally, guests are clutched by the Vyron’s wing, ready to accompany their new ruler on its rampage. The Vyron climbs through caverns past its snarling children to the mountain peak, and dives into its destructive flight. Riders are whisked through gravity-defying acrobatics and narrowly dodge the obstacles of the forest and village, before re-entering the caves of the mountain range. In a frightening finale, they come face to face with the Vyron Queen herself. Fortunately, they are permitted to depart the dragon’s lair, with the duty to report the inescapable regime of the Vyron to the people of the realm. 
More concept art will be added to this page as I produce it. Stay tuned!

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